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Kristoffer Jørgensen was stunt coordinator on his first feature in 1995, on the WWII film “The Minister of State”. The same year, he began his training with the Nordic Stage Fight Society. At this time, stunt work was far from an established service in Norway. Recognising this, in 1998 the Norwegian Film Institute gave Kristoffer a grant enabling him to study stunt work in the USA. After returning, he has worked full time in film and theatre as one of the leading fight choreographers and stunt coordinators in the Nordic region, and the Arctic Action team has grown and developed ever since.

2006 was another important year for us, as we arranged the first major stunt training workshop in Norway with top instructors from Taiwan and the USA, educating a new generation of Nordic stunt performers.

Today, in addition to all-round utility stunt performers, our core team counts specialists such as riggers, stunt drivers, rescue divers and 2nd unit directors. We stress training, formal certifications and team work, combining a mandatory stunt curriculum with individual specialisations. Our experience base covers everything from huge, international feature films to modest student productions. We often work with stunt coordinators from abroad, and learn more every time.

We adhere to international standards for equipment and skill levels for stunt performers, fusing big budget know-how and standards with local production culture, people and stories. Based in Tromsø, the largest city in the north of Norway, our perspective is equally international, national, regional and local. With more than 20 years in the business, covering hundreds of productions, our mileage and versatility is your guarantee for stellar action sequences – safely, on time, within budget.

kristoffer jørgensen


Kristoffer was stunt coordinator on his first feature film in 1995, and his experience and mileage with stunt work in the north of Norway is unique. Kristoffer has made it his mission to contribute to the continuous development of a rich independent culture scene in the region, and he has received numerous awards and grants as an entrepreneur. In addition to his all-round expertise as a stunt coordinator and second unit director, Kristoffer´s specialty is fight choreography. He is a founding member of the Nordic Stage Fight Society (NSFS), a certified NSFS instructor and fight director, and also has a Master´s diploma in stage fencing from the International Fencing Coaches Association (IFCA). 2 times AAI world champion in stage fencing (2008, 2012). Black belt holder in aikido; trained in martial arts since 1987, including 1 year in Japan 1992-93. In 2015 he became the first Norwegian member of the Taurus Academy, which votes in the winners of the annual Taurus Award, the “Oscar” of the stunt world.

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ine camilla bjørnsten

Head of office

Veteran stunt woman Ine Camilla Bjørnsten did her first stunt in 1995. She divides her time between Norway and Iceland, where she also heads Áhættuatridi EHF, Arctic Action´s sister company. Ine is a certified teacher with the Nordic Stage Fight Society (NSFS), and was NSFS´s president for 2003-2006. She has worked as a stunt performer in feature films, shorts, TV productions and live action events, and taught workshops on stage combat and related themes in Norway, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany and Italy. She also has a degree in directing from the University of Klaipeda, Lithuania (2002). In addition to stunt work, stage combat and directing, she is a professional translator between Norwegian, English and Icelandic.

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julia andersen


A former competition gymnast and circus coach, Julia Andersen studied film directing and producing at the New York Film Academy, graduating in 2012. She works as a producer, director and 1st AD on feature films, for TV, short films and music videos, as well as producing numerous stage productions and live events.

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aleksander wiik

Key rigger

Aleksander has a varied background from both action sports and the world of electrical engineering. In addition to being an allround stunt performer in his own right, Aleksander can repair anything. Seriously, he can.

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