vår historie

Our team

In 1998, Kristoffer Jørgensen received the first grant ever from the Norwegian Film Institute to study stunt work further in the USA. Since then, he has worked full time in film and theatre, both in Norway and internationally, and the Arctic Action team has grown and developed.

Today, in addition to all-around utility stunt performers, our core team now has specialists such as riggers, stunt drivers, rescue divers and 2nd unit directors. Our experience base covers everything from huge, international feature films to modest student productions, and everything in between. We adhere to international standards for stunt work and skill levels for performers.

Based in Tromsø, the largest city in the north of Norway, our perspective is at the same time international, national and regional. We make stunts and related action expressions readily available in the Nordic region, fusing big budget know-how and standards with local production culture, people and stories. With more than 20 years in the business, covering hundreds of productions, our mileage and versatility is your guarantee for stellar action sequences – safely, on time, within budget.