fight scenes: film

We have made hundreds of fight scenes for the screen – with or without weapons, for any historical period or setting, from one-on-one scraps through group fights to large battle scenes.

The usual steps in developing a screen fight is first reading the script and sitting down with the director to hear out his or her vision, then supply sketch choreography to develop on further, often in the form of a pre-visualisation video. When we have a «go» on a particular fight we then start training actors for the scene, adjusting it to fit their abilities and possible hindrances. We will often also supply a stunt double for each lead actor, for added safety and versatility. But we usually get a lot out of our actors!

Creating fights for the camera requires more than «just» fighting – it calls for knowledge of photography, editing, how to get the best out of your actors, and understanding the overall logistics of filmmaking, where time is money. Training actors in advance, sometimes months before actually filming of the scene, then coaching them through it on the day requires both directing and people skills. All in all, it is a demanding craft, and one we keep developing and training in constantly.

Our screen fight work has won several awards and nominations:

  • «Best Fight»- Toronto by Dark 2015 – Dead Snow 2
  • «Best Action in Comedy» – Hyart Film Festival 2012 – Brothers in Arms
  • «Best Fight» – Combat Con 2012 – Brothers in Arms
  • Nominated «Best Fight», 2009 Scream Awards – Dead Snow