stunt work

Stunt work covers all stages of planning and executing action scenes for film and TV. Stunt skills can be applied to different other media, action shows etc, but it is first and last a film-oriented profession. It requires specialized knowledge, skills and experience, as well as a thorough understanding of film work and the stunt performer´s function on set.

Stunt expertise is above all necessary when filming scenes that because of skills and/or physical requirements, and sometimes an element of danger, cannot be performed by actors themselves, at least not without training and strict supervision.

Stunts are a lot about taking out as much of the danger element as possible, while still making it look dangerous – something close to the real thing, but ”camera friendly” and ”performer friendly”

Stunts we have coordinated and performed for film and TV include:

  • Falls
  • Fight scenes
  • Doubling for actors
  • Wire flying effects/stunts
  • Car hits
  • Explosions
  • Fire stunts
  • Fire arms coordination and safety
  • Stunts in water
  • Hangings
  • Horse stunts
  • Extreme exposure (i.e, naked in snow, cold water)
  • Precision driving and vehicle safety
  • Rigging and securing actors and personel for heights, on moving vehicles etc