kristoffer jørgensen

Kristoffer was stunt coordinator on his first feature film in 1995, and his experience and mileage with stunt work in the north of Norway is unique. Kristoffer has made it his mission to contribute to the continuous development of a rich independent culture scene in the region, and he has received numerous awards and grants as an entrepreneur. In addition to his all-round expertise as a stunt coordinator and second unit director, Kristoffer´s specialty is fight choreography. He is a founding member of the Nordic Stage Fight Society (NSFS), a certified NSFS instructor and fight director, and also has a Master´s diploma in stage fencing from the International Fencing Coaches Association (IFCA). 2 times AAI world champion in stage fencing (2008, 2012). Black belt holder in aikido; trained in martial arts since 1987, including 1 year in Japan 1992-93. In 2015 he became the first Norwegian member of the Taurus Academy, which votes in the winners of the annual Taurus Award, the “Oscar” of the stunt world.